Movies: The Choice to Stream has Benefits

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Movies: The Choice to Stream has Benefits

Many people today are “cutting the cord,” which means they have decided not to continue paying the high price of cable or satellite television providers. This is when people often have a question about whether it is smart to use paid streaming services or if they can just use free movie streaming sites.

What to Consider with Paid Services Verses Free

There are a few things to consider when deciding between using paid services to watch movies online from or using free movie sites, like fmovies. The first thing that should be considered about free movie sites are they legal? Many websites that provide movies and other streaming that are free are not actually legal. This will mean risking using a site that may not be legally streaming and could result in issues with the viewer’s ISP. Many internet services punish customers that download movies or television shows from websites that do not have permission to distribute the content. Many of these sites close down after getting a legal notification to cease and desist or face charges. They then show up on the internet with another name, but still without the legal permission necessary and this is especially true for torrent websites.

When using paid services they do have the proper authorization to distribute the content they have on their website, whether it is movies or television shows. Some of these sites are well known like Netflix or Hulu.

Benefits of Free Verses Paid Services

Another reason to make this decision carefully between paid services and free sites is the benefits. Most free sites will have a smaller selection of movies, while paid sites because they have legal permission to distribute movies to customers, have a much larger selection. They have choices of how to view their programs including pause when the viewer needs to leave for an amount of time or to switch viewing places. Since it is possible to view these services shows on a television set sometimes it might be necessary in the middle of a program to move from one room to another. These sites programming can also be viewed on computers and laptops.

There is one major difference between paid services and free movie sites if they are not using legal programming because there are many that have free movies that are legal but to cover the legal costs of streaming to viewers they show commercials. The paid services and free movie sites like Crackle can be viewed on televisions using appliances like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku boxes. The other choice is to hook up a computer or laptop to the television using an HDMI cord. Many of the free movie sites will not have the option to use one of these appliances and instead require a using a computer to access them.

The other large benefit is viewer safety, when using a free site that does not support their programming with advertising and may not be legal viruses must be a concern. Using a paid service they ensure their websites are virus free and your personal information is protected. The other reason a paid service could be safer is televisions do not have a hard drive or Windows so there is no way it can become infected with a virus if using an appliance instead of a computer.

These are the benefits and the not so good reasons to make streaming choices carefully.

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