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What are the main advantages of a foldable bicycle?

There are numerous benefits of foldable bicycles. In this article, you will find some of the most common benefits of owning a foldable bike.


Convenient and save on space.

With the advancement in the manufacturing industry and technology, foldable bicycles have become quite popular in the market. The bikes have been around for many years and have provided excellent services to numerous cyclists. The bikes are famed for their versatility. Also, foldable bikes help save on space in that you can store them in your home at night, where they will occupy minimal space. The old bicycle types are quite bulky and occupy too much space. You can carry a foldable bicycle with you on a train or car ride without too much hassle. In addition, you can carry the bicycle into your office cubicle and where it is safe from theft. The foldable bicycle helps you save on extra and unnecessary costs like bicycle parking fees. Their convenience in storage and portability are among the best benefits of the foldable bicycle.


Safe from theft, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate

Given that you will carry the bicycle with you into your house, office, and on the train, it is less likely to get stolen. The traditional bicycle is prone to theft because you may leave it outside or in the park. The bicycles are very eco-friendly. With many cars on the road, air pollution has been on the rise. Set yourself apart from the rest by getting a foldable bicycle that emits zero gases. In addition to its convenience, you will also reap health benefits because you will engage in physical activity of cycling. With time, you get used to operating the foldable bicycle, which will then provide you with ample service.


Intermodal travel and maintenance of high resale value

Foldable bicycles are easy to travel with to any location, including the cinemas, which save you the hassle of paying parking fees. Foldable bicycles rarely lose value under good maintenance. Therefore, after serving you well, you might sell your foldable bicycle at a good price which will reward your choice of owning a foldable bicycle. The fact that you can carry along your foldable bicycle as you run your errands or as you take longer trips is very comforting. You can visit a friend, eat at a restaurant, take a commuter train with your bicycle at your side. With the traditional bicycles, you will have to take precautions wherever you go and will limit you from taking long-distance trips. Therefore, a foldable bicycle is efficient and saves on time which you can use doing other meaningful activities.

Do you know all of the different houses in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter has been a popular franchise of books and films over the past few decades, but still many people don’t know a lot of information about it. A lot of people get confused about the different types of houses there are in the Harry Potter universe. There are four, but people often get them confused with each other. Here’s each house and how they are different from one another.



This might be the most famous house compared to all of the rest because it’s the house that the main character, Harry Potter, was assigned to. Their colors are orange and red and their symbol is represented by a Gryffin. The people selected into this house are typically headstrong and not gullible. They’re leaders. It’s said that the personalities of these people are honest, funny, passionate and playful. They often stand out in a crowd due to their leadership skills. They are known for their honesty and have a strong moral center. They are fearless to act on their morals and not afraid of the consequences for their actions and beliefs.



The next most popular house is definitely Slytherin. The house color for Slytherin is green and they are represented by the symbol of a snake. Students in Slytherin have been known to be ambitious and goal driven focused on success. It’s the second most popular house because it’s where Harry Potter’s rival Draco Malfoy was placed. In the movies and books, they point toward Slytherins being mean, but it’s untrue. They are just so focused on success that they don’t sacrifice much to obtain it. They are ambitious to the point that other people don’t matter when it comes to them succeeding.



The Hufflepuff house is represented by the color yellow and a symbol of a badger. The members of Hufflepuff are loyal, emotional and hardworking. They are just, fair and openminded to the ways of the world around them. This is why they lean closer to the Gryffindor end of the spectrum compared to the Slytherin end of the spectrum. They tend to get along with the other houses and develop deep bonds with one another based on loyalty.



The Ravenclaw house is represented by the color purple and the symbol of a raven. They border between Hufflepuff and Slytherin while priding themselves on wit and learning. They are intelligent, yet practical at the same time. Also, they’ve been known to be more emotional than the other houses and they don’t try to hide it. Most of the people who belong in this house try to observe first and use their logic to solve problems. After that, they’ll use their high levels of intelligence to come to a conclusion. They are smart and love the pursuit of knowledge, most of them dedicating their entire lives to learning.


If you have some time on your hands and would like to know which House you would belong to, you can take the sorting hat quiz to find out!

Watchinsta.com – The New God Mode for Concerned Parents

How well does it work?

Watchinsta.com is a new and powerful Instagram private profile viewer tool. Whether you are simply a concerned parent, or a paranoid boyfriend, this is an amazing tool to clear the air. This gives you the ability to completely navigate someone’s Instagram account, using the software this company has developed to find out any information you may be looking for. You can do anything from view private photos and media, as well as recover messages and files that were previously deleted by the user. Not to mention these deleted files and messages can be saved and exported privately using a zip file. Having this power at your fingertips is almost tantalizing. I think we have all had our moments of doubt in our relationships and maybe even with our children. Having the ability to view this kind of personal information is extremely delicate and useful at the same time. As much as we all probably hate to admit it, almost all affairs in relationships, divorces, and trouble with our children stem directly from social media. With this kind of power, maybe these issues can be stopped before they progress into something to serious. It could also present the ability to gain clarity on something you were concerned about if you were to use it to find out your worries were for nothing, and the person you checked out is completely innocent. With the amount of information that can be gathered using this software. I would say it is safe to say it works quite well.

What are the benefits of Watchinsta?

The main benefits of Watchinsta are quite clear and obvious. Having the ability to practically activate GOD mode and take full control of someone’s account and personal information is nothing short of incredible as is. However, there are several other great benefits about this software you simply cannot overlook. First of all, the ratings and reviews all seem to be singing the same song, it works well, and everyone is rather amazed at just how well it works. Watchinsta is also 100% free. Yes, I said it, free. It cost no money at all to use this program, all they ask in return is that you take a short 2-3-minute-long survey, then on completion; you are granted access to the account. I would say 2-3 minutes of your time is quite the fair trade off for the quality of the service you are being provided. Watchinsta is also safe to use, which I am sure most would find comfort in knowing. It is also a service that can be provided world-wide. Watchinsta is truly a unique, powerful, and useful service.

Cyberpunk: From Board Game to Video Game

Cyperpunk 2077 is video game coming out in April by CD Projekt Red. Cyberpunk 2077 has a rich history inspired the tabletop series by Mike Pondsmith and originally called just Cyberpunk it has evolved into a deeply tactical game with immersive story that changes with the players decisions.



Mike Pondsmith developed the Cyberpunk series first in 1988 as a tabletop game somewhat in the style of Dungeons and Dragons. Players could select from a variety of backgrounds each with their own special ability and weapon. The world of Cyberpunk is set in a dystopian future some indeterminate amount of time forward where cybernetic technologies are commonplace. In the world of Cyberpunk getting one’s eyes changed to be a different color or other surgery is done with the routine ease of a haircut thanks to modular input systems that connect people to their living technology. This technology also allows the players to have fantastic abilities outside the realm of possibility today but plausible in the future.



While the original Cyberpunk was a board game with most of the action being assumed the new Cyberpunk 2077 game will be a first person action game. Players can customize their character and see them in the occasional cut scene but the game is designed to mostly be in the first person to provide a more immersive experience. Players will fight a variety of futuristic gangs and immoral corporations in a story that changes depending on the players choices. Using the technology provided in the game the players can leverage brute strength and overpower an enemy or take more tactical and stealthy options. In the world of Cyberpunk 2077 the very technology that powers most things can also be hacked to the players advantage including other human beings who have decided to get implants. The game has yet to be release at this point however what has be shown in trailers and pre-release footage shows a wide variety of play styles that come from the multitude of gadgets and implant devices.


Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on April 16th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store as well as GOG.com which is owned by CD Project Red and even on https://www.cdkeysforgames.com/. There are two editions of the game available the standard edition which includes a bundle of objects packed with the physical editions like a map, stickers and a postcard. The collector’s edition of the game includes a statue, steel book, concept art book, patches, a key chain as well as extra of the objects that come with the standard edition. The recommended specifications for PC players suggest that their PC have at least an i7 processor, 16gb of ram and the bare minimum of a Nvidia GTX 1070 or equivalent. The game’s performance has yet to be tested by players however demo footage shows off some impressive visuals with some large scale maps with great detail.

What’s There to Love About Dancing?

Around the world, people from nearly all walks of life are increasingly finding joy in dancing.  Dancing is a form of exercise as well as a venue for gaining new friends and acquaintances who might share the same ideals and interests.

In some regions like the European Union, parents are encouraged to engage their kids in one-hour-a-day exercises.  For adults, its half hour per day.  Initially, this may be too tiring for kids especially but it all depends on which exercise they’re going to do.  Dancing, for instance, is a fun way to build strong bones, improve muscle tone, and shed baby fat.

It is also a very good alternative to playing sports for people who aren’t fond of it.  Moreover, dancing is also an art therefore, it can open doors for discovering and utilizing one’s creative juices.
Dancing can also be a career in itself.  Many artists from the entertainment sector is a product of prestigious dance schools.  In the UK alone, there are about 30,000 artists who perform as dancers or practice their professions as dance instructors or choreographers.

Aside from these three, professions that are somehow related to dancing include producers, directors, promoters, designers, technicians, therapists, publicists, and writers.

Dancing is a venue for learning skills that may also apply to other professions other than dancing.  Thus it can also lead to other careers. Confidence and self-esteem is developed as well as social and communication skills especially when in a large group. In almost all professions, these skills and attitude help individuals shine and stand out from the rest.

The problem of getting started in dancing and staying in love with the art oftentimes bar you from making a decision.  Below are five reasons why you’ll forever love it:

Energizes mind and body

Dancing is physically and mentally energizing.  Being so, it is a helpful activity for both young and young once.  In short, it is revitalizing no matter what age you’re in.

pexels-photo-132929Strengthens bones and muscles

It improves bone and muscle strength.  Joints are also kept healthy.  Do you know of any dancer who lacks strength and stamina? Very few, if none at all.

Encourages socialization

Joining dance sessions increases your circle of friends.  It becomes a venue for meeting new acquaintances. Meeting fresh faces, talking to someone new can lift spirits.

Improves posture

You’ll know a seasoned dancer by their gait and posture.  Dancers have this natural tendency to walk with such confidence and perfect posture.  Years of being training helped them develop awareness of how they walk, sit, or stand.

Cuts stress

Do you notice how high your spirits are after a dance? Dancing is a form of destressing after a mentally draining activity at work or school.

Develops self-esteem

Dancing boosts confidence levels as the art is learned, mastered, and perfected.

Joining a dance class is a worthwhile goal.  Soon, your mind and body will be loving it.  Go and bring out those dancing shoes!