Cyberpunk: From Board Game to Video Game

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Cyberpunk: From Board Game to Video Game

Cyperpunk 2077 is video game coming out in April by CD Projekt Red according to the gaming hub at Cyberpunk 2077 has a rich history inspired the tabletop series by Mike Pondsmith and originally called just Cyberpunk it has evolved into a deeply tactical game with immersive story that changes with the players decisions.



Mike Pondsmith developed the Cyberpunk series first in 1988 as a tabletop game somewhat in the style of Dungeons and Dragons. Players could select from a variety of backgrounds each with their own special ability and weapon. The world of Cyberpunk is set in a dystopian future some indeterminate amount of time forward where cybernetic technologies are commonplace. In the world of Cyberpunk getting one’s eyes changed to be a different color or other surgery is done with the routine ease of a haircut thanks to modular input systems that connect people to their living technology. This technology also allows the players to have fantastic abilities outside the realm of possibility today but plausible in the future.



While the original Cyberpunk was a board game with most of the action being assumed the new Cyberpunk 2077 game will be a first person action game. Players can customize their character and see them in the occasional cut scene but the game is designed to mostly be in the first person to provide a more immersive experience. Players will fight a variety of futuristic gangs and immoral corporations in a story that changes depending on the players choices. Using the technology provided in the game the players can leverage brute strength and overpower an enemy or take more tactical and stealthy options. In the world of Cyberpunk 2077 the very technology that powers most things can also be hacked to the players advantage including other human beings who have decided to get implants. The game has yet to be release at this point however what has be shown in trailers and pre-release footage shows a wide variety of play styles that come from the multitude of gadgets and implant devices.


Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on April 16th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store as well as which is owned by CD Project Red and even on There are two editions of the game available the standard edition which includes a bundle of objects packed with the physical editions like a map, stickers and a postcard. The collector’s edition of the game includes a statue, steel book, concept art book, patches, a key chain as well as extra of the objects that come with the standard edition. The recommended specifications for PC players suggest that their PC have at least an i7 processor, 16gb of ram and the bare minimum of a Nvidia GTX 1070 or equivalent. The game’s performance has yet to be tested by players however demo footage shows off some impressive visuals with some large scale maps with great detail.

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