Do you know all of the different houses in Harry Potter?

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Do you know all of the different houses in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter has been a popular franchise of books and films over the past few decades, but still many people don’t know a lot of information about it. A lot of people get confused about the different types of houses there are in the Harry Potter universe. There are four, but people often get them confused with each other. Here’s each house and how they are different from one another.



This might be the most famous house compared to all of the rest because it’s the house that the main character, Harry Potter, was assigned to. Their colors are orange and red and their symbol is represented by a Gryffin. The people selected into this house are typically headstrong and not gullible. They’re leaders. It’s said that the personalities of these people are honest, funny, passionate and playful. They often stand out in a crowd due to their leadership skills. They are known for their honesty and have a strong moral center. They are fearless to act on their morals and not afraid of the consequences for their actions and beliefs.



The next most popular house is definitely Slytherin. The house color for Slytherin is green and they are represented by the symbol of a snake. Students in Slytherin have been known to be ambitious and goal driven focused on success. It’s the second most popular house because it’s where Harry Potter’s rival Draco Malfoy was placed. In the movies and books, they point toward Slytherins being mean, but it’s untrue. They are just so focused on success that they don’t sacrifice much to obtain it. They are ambitious to the point that other people don’t matter when it comes to them succeeding.



The Hufflepuff house is represented by the color yellow and a symbol of a badger. The members of Hufflepuff are loyal, emotional and hardworking. They are just, fair and openminded to the ways of the world around them. This is why they lean closer to the Gryffindor end of the spectrum compared to the Slytherin end of the spectrum. They tend to get along with the other houses and develop deep bonds with one another based on loyalty.



The Ravenclaw house is represented by the color purple and the symbol of a raven. They border between Hufflepuff and Slytherin while priding themselves on wit and learning. They are intelligent, yet practical at the same time. Also, they’ve been known to be more emotional than the other houses and they don’t try to hide it. Most of the people who belong in this house try to observe first and use their logic to solve problems. After that, they’ll use their high levels of intelligence to come to a conclusion. They are smart and love the pursuit of knowledge, most of them dedicating their entire lives to learning.


If you have some time on your hands and would like to know which House you would belong to, you can take the sorting hat quiz to find out!

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