Picture your Party with a Photo Booth Rental

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Picture your Party with a Photo Booth Rental

Picture your Party with a Photo Booth Rental

Have you ever been to a party where things have been a bit boring or slow to get started or perhaps a wedding where the bride and groom have gone missing for an extended photo shoot after the ceremony and left the guests to fend for themselves? What a difference a photo booth could make these situations.


The concept is fairly self-explanatory and most have about the same elements – props like hats, mustaches on a stick, feather boas, chalkboards to write messages, and other fun theatrical property to create some jazzy, goofy, funny pics as souvenirs and it’s just fun! While there are lots of ways to create your own photo booth, renting is really the way to go.


The Rental Advantage


While every event is special, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. It’s why you hire a professional photographer with a second shooter and a videographer instead of your cousin Bob, a professional caterer, and a professional DJ rather than a buddy with his boom-box. You need a professional photo booth so you can rest assured your guests are not standing around trying to figure out how to get the camera to work and to create an epic photo with five props from the thrift store.


Also, once you consider all you actually need, you may find that DIY does not really save much. You will need some type of backdrop, a camera, printer, tripod, props, and lighting. You also must consider set-up and take-down and someone to monitor throughout the event to ensure everything is working properly.


What’s Included?


With most rentals you can expect to get a variety of backdrops to choose from, usually with a choice of custom ones for an additional charge, an open, closed, or a choice of booth, an array of the most popular props, on-site prints, strip images with custom graphics, and an attendant.


The most important thing you get for your money is peace of mind. You write the check and forget about it – someone else takes care of the details and that can be invaluable, and not just for weddings. All types of events from corporate retreats and parties to private birthday parties and other celebrations take a certain level of planning and the bigger and more elaborate, the more planning is needed so isn’t it great to get one detail off the to-do list?




Overall, photo booths are not that expensive; as their popularity grows, prices come down due to the growing competition for business. As more rental companies, e.g. photo booth hire Yorkshire, sprout up, more companies are vying for your business. Photo booths are fun for almost any occasion from a wedding to a backyard barbeque or family reunion; almost any get-together is a reason to have one. There is no work on your part, set-up and take-down are usually free, and you can be flexible with what part of your event you want to use the booth, sometimes even splitting it into two sessions. Also, aside from being part of the entertainment, the photos make great personalized party favors.


Photo booths are fun, creative, entertaining, and add more life to any party. The reasons to rent certainly outdo the reasons not to, so it’s an easy way to build a great party with very little effort on your part and is likely to have party-goers talking about your event for a long time to come.