The Beginnings of Street Dance

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The Beginnings of Street Dance

Street dance is a form of dance which was first introduced not in studios but in relatively open spaces.  Unfortunately, no specific country or race could be credited for it due to lack of records referring to it.

Street dance is largely a social dance and it happens mostly along streets, clubs, block parties, and school grounds.  It drives interaction among curious onlookers as well as dance enthusiasts.

Breakdancing is one of the most popular, modern street dance which trace its roots in New York city.  The Melbourne Shuffle which found its beginnings in Australia is another popular street dance.

A look back in history suggests that street dancing started back in the 1900s when traditional jazz dancing, one of the earliest forms of street dance, surfaced.

But there are also hints that street dance actually came about as early as the 18th century when Clogging was introduced.  Clogging is an old form of street dance and was performed in the old days in factory spaces in the UK and Western Europe.

man-dancing-against-a-dark-brick-wall_1048-2895Meanwhile, among African-Americans, hip hop and b-boying are the more popular street dances.  Their popularity rose when dancers started to create commercial versions which instantly appealed to the younger population.

Street dance competitions became popular too especially with the B-boying dance moves.

As street dancing outdoors became a way of life for some young groups, more dance ideas and movements were introduced and incorporated.  Dancing outdoors encouraged contact and sharing of ideas among interested onlookers.

The Swing Beat is another type of street dance introduced in the 1990s and Teddy Riley was responsible for popularizing an updated version called the New York Swing.

Chicago clubs saw the birth of House Dance, another street dance that was later developed by New Yorkers.

Through the years, other street dance versions like the Rave, Electro (a futuristic-themed dance) and thrashing came out.  Just like Hip hop, Rave is a favorite among street dance competitors and  identified with the underground movement.  Electro Dancing is futuristic-themed while thrashing is a form of punk dance popularized by punk rock bands.

There is a thin line dividing freestyle and street dancing.  While both involves improvisations, freestyle is more of a random, personal dance crafted by an individual.  Street dancing, on the other hand, is considered as a grouping of similar moves, practiced, and improved over time.