The Rising Popularity of OnlyFans

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The Rising Popularity of OnlyFans

Having over 90 million users and more than a million creators, OnlyFans is a fast-growing content website. The platform was launched in 2016 and has become a good source of earnings for millions of users. The popularity of this platform has grown considerably since the coronavirus pandemic.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a web-based platform providing opportunity to earn out of content that users wish to share. With headquarters in London, the site allows content creators and artists from all genres to develop a reliable relationship with their fanbase.

OnlyFans is a subscription site allowing creators to lock their content behind payment links. Creators can post photos, videos, and chat links, including pornographic content, which is not permitted by many sites. The site is not an app due to its adult content and is not allowed in app stores. In addition, creators can have some free content as a preview to display.

How does the platform work?

All creators above 18 years can register themselves and upload their content. Post-registration creators can set their page with an option of paid or free views. Accordingly, fans can access the page and pay to view the content. The account can be created free of cost; however, a 20% fee is charged by OnlyFans out of earnings.

The content is protected and cannot be shared outside the platform. The security is excellent, and users cannot even take a screenshot. In addition, the users are banned if found taking screenshots or recording content. A designated DCMA team protects your privacy and identity.

How much can creators earn?

OnlyFans has a minimum subscription rate of $4.99 per month and a maximum subscription rate of $ 49.99 per month (but you can also unlock OnlyFans account). Content creators can also sell interactive or personalized content for an additional fee. In addition, creators can set private messages at a minimum cost of $5.

Your earning potential will depend on the quality of content and consistency. Interactive content has more earning potential than personalized content.

The rising popularity of OnlyFans

According to a survey conducted, the OnlyFans platform gets more than 1000 new users every hour. A few reports published in 2020 also found more than 500,000 users on the platform daily. The platform is also making waves on Twitter. A substantial fan base is also visible on its official Facebook page. With subscription-based sites gaining popularity, the user base and content creators are expected to rise income years.

Looking Beyond pornography

Even when people view OnlyFans as an adult platform, it has grown in many dimensions. Not just pornography, but even celebrities are signing the platform for fitness, entertainment, informative articles, and even raising money for charity.

The platform has the advantage of providing an opportunity to gain high value with minimum commission paid to the site. The site offers everything that content creators want to showcase. However, the decision rests with viewers what they prefer to watch.

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