Using Chemistry to Build Your FIFA Ultimate Team

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Using Chemistry to Build Your FIFA Ultimate Team

Building the best team possible in FIFA Ultimate Team requires a firm grasp of the chemistry system implemented in the game. The chemistry of the players on your team will make the difference between winning a game and losing one. Here are some tips on how to maximize the chemistry of your team.

Maximize the Chemistry of Your Squad

Chemistry is what connects the players on your team in FIFA Ultimate Team. By maximizing the chemistry of your squad, you will increase both player and team performances. High chemistry is the key to building a team that will beat any opponent that comes your way.

Overall and Individual Team Boost

You should begin optimizing the chemistry of your team as soon as you can. This will help to boost your teams overall performance as well as the stats of your team. Individual chemistry enhances individual team members’ ability and will have your player performing at his best.

Factors of Optimizing Chemistry

Optimizing chemistry has to do with many factors. If multiple players on your team are from the same league, the same team, or have the same nationality, chemistry will be improved. The manager that you choose for your team will also affect your team’s chemistry level. Pay close attention to which players you add to your roster and make sure that they have strong connections with the rest of the team. A player with lower stats but better chemistry may be a better choice in certain circumstances.

Players in Their Natural Positions

Using players in their natural position is a good way to raise chemistry. Try to build a team that each member plays in the position they are used to playing in. Also, pair these players up with others of the same nationality and enlist a manager of the same nationality as well.

Tips for Improving Chemistry

You will not have the best team by only assembling the best players together. Try to use players that are from the same league or club to improve chemistry. Players get a boost for having been loyal to a club as well. Those acquired through packs and those who were initially on your squad will receive this boost while players that you purchase from the Transfer Market will need to play in ten matches before they get this bonus.

Green, Yellow, and Red Chemistry Connections

When positioning a player, pay attention to your players strengths and chemistry value. Connections between players that are green signify good chemistry, yellow signifies normal chemistry, and red means that the players have bad chemistry.

Where to Begin

At the start of the game you should put together a team with good chemistry and try to improve it as time goes on. As you earn FIFA 18 coins, you can invest them in better players, but be sure to pay attention to and make the most of the team’s chemistry. By doing this, your team will continually improve.

The chemistry system in FIFA Ultimate Team is the key to creating the best team possible. By recruiting players from the same league, the same team, and of the same nationality, your team and individual stats will improve dramatically.

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