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Features of the Vortex Viper PST

The Vortex Viper PST – More Bang for the Buck


The Vortex Viper Precision Shooting Tactical (PST) scope has intuitive ease of operation because it was designed and built by shooters to fit the needs of hunters, police, and the military.

Optical Properties:

The eXtra-low Dispersal (XD) glass used in the lenses results in greater clarity, sharper resolution, and better “true to life” color and contrast. The anti-reflective multi-coating on the lenses results in improved light transmission, with the final ultra-hard, ArmorTek coating making the exterior lenses scratch-resistant.

The scope has a first focal plane illuminated glass-etched reticle. Its placement insures that the reticle increases in size along with the magnification used, remaining in proportion with the size of the target regardless of magnification.

The fast-focus eyepiece insures that focusing is accomplished in seconds.

Two layers of glass encase the illuminated, red-dot, etched reticle, providing extreme durability during rough handling.

The PST comes with an extra-large 50 mm objective lens which provides more light transmission for quicker target acquisition on those long-distance shots, even in low-light conditions.

The side focus adjustment knob, with integrated illumination dial, provides for intuitive ease of operation with 10 intensity levels, complete with off positions between each setting accommodating light conditions from the dark of night to the bright noonday sun.

The 4-inch eye relief provides a safety factor when using magnum loads.



The radius bar fiber optic control knob provides visual, tactile, and auditory points of reference, with each “click” seen, heard, and felt. The maximum elevation and windage adjustments of 220 MOA are adjustable, by hand, in 1/2 MOA clicks.

The Rapid Zero Return (RZR) zero stop prevents the scope from moving below the pre-set zero. Once you set the reticle for range, it can be quickly reset to this point. Numerous “how-to” online videos help simplify learning the operation of the RZR Zero Stop.


Physical Properties:

The PST is available in 7 different configurations, making it extremely versatile. Check it out at Vortex itsel for on specialized hunting shops like Adventurefootstep.com.

The single-piece 30mm tube, built of aircraft-grade aluminum, lends both strength and durability to the Viper PST. Argon gas purging, followed by the installation of O-ring seals, insure that the scope remains fog proof, waterproof, and free from the intrusion of any dust, debris, or moisture, even in the midst of violent recoil, impact, or temperature extremes.

The hard, anodized, low-glare finish hides the position of the shooter by eliminating the “shine” of reflected sunlight.



The Vortex VIP (Very Important Promise) warranty states that they will “repair or replace your Vortex product in the event it becomes damaged or defective—at no charge to you.”

The unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty is fully transferable. No matter how the product was damaged, Vortex will repair or replace it

What’s There to Love About Dancing?

Around the world, people from nearly all walks of life are increasingly finding joy in dancing.  Dancing is a form of exercise as well as a venue for gaining new friends and acquaintances who might share the same ideals and interests.

In some regions like the European Union, parents are encouraged to engage their kids in one-hour-a-day exercises.  For adults, its half hour per day.  Initially, this may be too tiring for kids especially but it all depends on which exercise they’re going to do.  Dancing, for instance, is a fun way to build strong bones, improve muscle tone, and shed baby fat.

It is also a very good alternative to playing sports for people who aren’t fond of it.  Moreover, dancing is also an art therefore, it can open doors for discovering and utilizing one’s creative juices.
Dancing can also be a career in itself.  Many artists from the entertainment sector is a product of prestigious dance schools.  In the UK alone, there are about 30,000 artists who perform as dancers or practice their professions as dance instructors or choreographers.

Aside from these three, professions that are somehow related to dancing include producers, directors, promoters, designers, technicians, therapists, publicists, and writers.

Dancing is a venue for learning skills that may also apply to other professions other than dancing.  Thus it can also lead to other careers. Confidence and self-esteem is developed as well as social and communication skills especially when in a large group. In almost all professions, these skills and attitude help individuals shine and stand out from the rest.

The problem of getting started in dancing and staying in love with the art oftentimes bar you from making a decision.  Below are five reasons why you’ll forever love it:

Energizes mind and body

Dancing is physically and mentally energizing.  Being so, it is a helpful activity for both young and young once.  In short, it is revitalizing no matter what age you’re in.

pexels-photo-132929Strengthens bones and muscles

It improves bone and muscle strength.  Joints are also kept healthy.  Do you know of any dancer who lacks strength and stamina? Very few, if none at all.

Encourages socialization

Joining dance sessions increases your circle of friends.  It becomes a venue for meeting new acquaintances. Meeting fresh faces, talking to someone new can lift spirits.

Improves posture

You’ll know a seasoned dancer by their gait and posture.  Dancers have this natural tendency to walk with such confidence and perfect posture.  Years of being training helped them develop awareness of how they walk, sit, or stand.

Cuts stress

Do you notice how high your spirits are after a dance? Dancing is a form of destressing after a mentally draining activity at work or school.

Develops self-esteem

Dancing boosts confidence levels as the art is learned, mastered, and perfected.

Joining a dance class is a worthwhile goal.  Soon, your mind and body will be loving it.  Go and bring out those dancing shoes!