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March 7, 2017 12:24 pm

Fun Party Ideas: Hire a Photo Booth!

Looking for Fun Party Ideas?

Whenever you attend a party, you’ve probably noticed that everyone has their phone out–taking selfies, snapping pictures of their friends, filling their camera roll with dozens or even hundreds of pictures. Everyone wants to take pictures to remind themselves of the fun that they had. But there’s an old saying that goes “You can take pictures, or you can have fun.” If you’re so preoccupied with preserving the memories, you’ll forget to live in the moment while it’s still here–and in the blink of an eye, the party will be over and all you’ll have is a phone crammed with snapshots.

Photo Booths at Parties: A Growing Trend

For this reason, more and more people are hiring photo booths for their next big party. At first glance, a photo booth might seem like a service reserved only for major events, like weddings, block parties, and school or community events. But what many people don’t realize is that you can hire a photo booth for just about any celebration. With a photo booth at your party, you can stop in any time and take a set of pictures, then go right back to enjoying the celebration. No need to interrupt the party by constantly taking pictures–you’ll have a quick, easy, and professional way to preserve the memories.

Why Should You Hire a Photo Booth?

Unless you’re a professional photographer, the pictures that you and your friends take might not necessarily be high-quality. Not every picture needs to be expertly shot and framed, but you’ll probably want a few quality pictures to keep. If you a hire a photo booth, you and your friends can purchase professional, high-quality shots that you’ll treasure for months or even years to come. And instead of flooding your friends’ feeds with dozens of blurry snapshots, you can treat them to a select, professionally-made few.

Worry Less, Celebrate More

With a photo booth, you won’t spend half the party taking pictures. Instead, you’ll drop in whenever you get the chance, and end up with a fun souvenir. A photo booth also offers special features and advantages that you can’t get with your camera or smartphone. Different companies offer different features, but in general, a photo booth can provide props, backgrounds, frames, unique styles and angles, and more. A photo booth isn’t just a place to get your picture taken–it’s an experience that can be just as fun as the party itself. Wanna find out more? Check out : Sydney photo booth hire.

A World of Versatility

One of the greatest advantages of photo booths is that they can be used just about anywhere. Birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, community events, school proms, and more–whatever you’re planning, a photo booth can add fun and excitement to your celebration. And with so many features and options available, the possibilities are just about limitless. Rent out a photo booth for your next party and see the thrill and delight on your guest’s faces.

Here are a few more ideas for DIY Props you can throw into the mix.

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March 6, 2017 6:24 pm

Using Chemistry to Build Your FIFA Ultimate Team

Building the best team possible in FIFA Ultimate Team requires a firm grasp of the chemistry system implemented in the game. The chemistry of the players on your team will make the difference between winning a game and losing one. Here are some tips on how to maximize the chemistry of your team.

Maximize the Chemistry of Your Squad

Chemistry is what connects the players on your team in FIFA Ultimate Team. By maximizing the chemistry of your squad, you will increase both player and team performances. High chemistry is the key to building a team that will beat any opponent that comes your way.

Overall and Individual Team Boost

You should begin optimizing the chemistry of your team as soon as you can. This will help to boost your teams overall performance as well as the stats of your team. Individual chemistry enhances individual team members’ ability and will have your player performing at his best.

Factors of Optimizing Chemistry

Optimizing chemistry has to do with many factors. If multiple players on your team are from the same league, the same team, or have the same nationality, chemistry will be improved. The manager that you choose for your team will also affect your team’s chemistry level. Pay close attention to which players you add to your roster and make sure that they have strong connections with the rest of the team. A player with lower stats but better chemistry may be a better choice in certain circumstances.

Players in Their Natural Positions

Using players in their natural position is a good way to raise chemistry. Try to build a team that each member plays in the position they are used to playing in. Also, pair these players up with others of the same nationality and enlist a manager of the same nationality as well.

Tips for Improving Chemistry

You will not have the best team by only assembling the best players together. Try to use players that are from the same league or club to improve chemistry. Players get a boost for having been loyal to a club as well. Those acquired through packs and those who were initially on your squad will receive this boost while players that you purchase from the Transfer Market will need to play in ten matches before they get this bonus.

Green, Yellow, and Red Chemistry Connections

When positioning a player, pay attention to your players strengths and chemistry value. Connections between players that are green signify good chemistry, yellow signifies normal chemistry, and red means that the players have bad chemistry.

Where to Begin

At the start of the game you should put together a team with good chemistry and try to improve it as time goes on. As you earn FIFA 18 coins, you can invest them in better players, but be sure to pay attention to and make the most of the team’s chemistry. By doing this, your team will continually improve.

The chemistry system in FIFA Ultimate Team is the key to creating the best team possible. By recruiting players from the same league, the same team, and of the same nationality, your team and individual stats will improve dramatically.

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March 1, 2017 7:00 pm

Best alternatives to Spotify music streaming

As the internet continues to grow there are more options available for streaming music. Spotify is a popular platform for streaming music, but what if you do not find it easy to use? What are the best alternatives for Spotify? Here are the best options for streaming music similar to Spotify:

1) Deezer

Deezer is a music streaming service that gives each of its customers access to millions of songs from different genres and time periods. There are both free and paid subscription plans just like Spotify. For the paid plans there are two prices: $4.99 and $6.99. The $4.99 plan comes advertisement free with limited mobile capabilities. The $6.99 plan gives full access to everything both online and mobile. If you pay for this plan you get a higher sound quality of 320 kbps. Over 100 different countries are using this service.

2) The popular Google Play streaming plan

For $9.99 a month you get Google All-Play access that can stream music both online and through the mobile app. There are roughly 20 million different tracks that can be heard from Google Play and all the sound is very high quality compared to other streaming services. There is no free option when picking Google’s streaming option. You can search through millions of songs and make unique playlists. Playlists can be created in present time or can be made from songs listened in the past.

3) Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a music streaming service that runs on user-generated content. All the songs that are on Grooveshark are uploaded by users so that the company can avoid paying fees to record companies. There are millions of songs to choose from. This company offers a free and paid plan just like Spotify. The free plan lets you listen to any music but there will be ads all over the screen. Users can upgrade their account to pay $5 a month and get rid of advertisements. One concern with using Grooveshark is that they are currently battling lawsuits right now for not having all of the rights to the songs on their website. If you want only legal music this option might not be for you.

4) Last.fm

This is a streaming music station that plays songs from radio stations. There are no options available for creating custom playlists. If like listening to whatever random comes on this is a great company to work with. They have good quality sound as well. It is free to use as long as you do not find listening to commercials. You can pay $3 a month to have them removed.

5) Pandora

Although Pandora does not offer free music download, it is a popular music streaming company that uses algorithms to find similar songs to your interests. Simply tap the thumbs up button icon on your mobile device or tablet to show Pandora that you like the song. Then the company will find more songs like that one to play. You can skip the ones that you do not like but you only get a few skips per hour with the free version. It costs $5 a month to get unlimited skips and no ads. It works great on mobile devices.

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November 22, 2016 7:43 am

The Beginnings of Street Dance

Street dance is a form of dance which was first introduced not in studios but in relatively open spaces.  Unfortunately, no specific country or race could be credited for it due to lack of records referring to it.

Street dance is largely a social dance and it happens mostly along streets, clubs, block parties, and school grounds.  It drives interaction among curious onlookers as well as dance enthusiasts.

Breakdancing is one of the most popular, modern street dance which trace its roots in New York city.  The Melbourne Shuffle which found its beginnings in Australia is another popular street dance.

A look back in history suggests that street dancing started back in the 1900s when traditional jazz dancing, one of the earliest forms of street dance, surfaced.

But there are also hints that street dance actually came about as early as the 18th century when Clogging was introduced.  Clogging is an old form of street dance and was performed in the old days in factory spaces in the UK and Western Europe.

man-dancing-against-a-dark-brick-wall_1048-2895Meanwhile, among African-Americans, hip hop and b-boying are the more popular street dances.  Their popularity rose when dancers started to create commercial versions which instantly appealed to the younger population.

Street dance competitions became popular too especially with the B-boying dance moves.

As street dancing outdoors became a way of life for some young groups, more dance ideas and movements were introduced and incorporated.  Dancing outdoors encouraged contact and sharing of ideas among interested onlookers.

The Swing Beat is another type of street dance introduced in the 1990s and Teddy Riley was responsible for popularizing an updated version called the New York Swing.

Chicago clubs saw the birth of House Dance, another street dance that was later developed by New Yorkers.

Through the years, other street dance versions like the Rave, Electro (a futuristic-themed dance) and thrashing came out.  Just like Hip hop, Rave is a favorite among street dance competitors and  identified with the underground movement.  Electro Dancing is futuristic-themed while thrashing is a form of punk dance popularized by punk rock bands.

There is a thin line dividing freestyle and street dancing.  While both involves improvisations, freestyle is more of a random, personal dance crafted by an individual.  Street dancing, on the other hand, is considered as a grouping of similar moves, practiced, and improved over time.

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November 20, 2016 7:50 am

What’s There to Love About Dancing?

Around the world, people from nearly all walks of life are increasingly finding joy in dancing.  Dancing is a form of exercise as well as a venue for gaining new friends and acquaintances who might share the same ideals and interests.

In some regions like the European Union, parents are encouraged to engage their kids in one-hour-a-day exercises.  For adults, its half hour per day.  Initially, this may be too tiring for kids especially but it all depends on which exercise they’re going to do.  Dancing, for instance, is a fun way to build strong bones, improve muscle tone, and shed baby fat.

It is also a very good alternative to playing sports for people who aren’t fond of it.  Moreover, dancing is also an art therefore, it can open doors for discovering and utilizing one’s creative juices.
Dancing can also be a career in itself.  Many artists from the entertainment sector is a product of prestigious dance schools.  In the UK alone, there are about 30,000 artists who perform as dancers or practice their professions as dance instructors or choreographers.

Aside from these three, professions that are somehow related to dancing include producers, directors, promoters, designers, technicians, therapists, publicists, and writers.

Dancing is a venue for learning skills that may also apply to other professions other than dancing.  Thus it can also lead to other careers. Confidence and self-esteem is developed as well as social and communication skills especially when in a large group. In almost all professions, these skills and attitude help individuals shine and stand out from the rest.

The problem of getting started in dancing and staying in love with the art oftentimes bar you from making a decision.  Below are five reasons why you’ll forever love it:

Energizes mind and body

Dancing is physically and mentally energizing.  Being so, it is a helpful activity for both young and young once.  In short, it is revitalizing no matter what age you’re in.

pexels-photo-132929Strengthens bones and muscles

It improves bone and muscle strength.  Joints are also kept healthy.  Do you know of any dancer who lacks strength and stamina? Very few, if none at all.

Encourages socialization

Joining dance sessions increases your circle of friends.  It becomes a venue for meeting new acquaintances. Meeting fresh faces, talking to someone new can lift spirits.

Improves posture

You’ll know a seasoned dancer by their gait and posture.  Dancers have this natural tendency to walk with such confidence and perfect posture.  Years of being training helped them develop awareness of how they walk, sit, or stand.

Cuts stress

Do you notice how high your spirits are after a dance? Dancing is a form of destressing after a mentally draining activity at work or school.

Develops self-esteem

Dancing boosts confidence levels as the art is learned, mastered, and perfected.

Joining a dance class is a worthwhile goal.  Soon, your mind and body will be loving it.  Go and bring out those dancing shoes!

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